The underwater world is an amazing place to explore and as divers we love to share our passion of the marine environment with everyone and photography is the way to do this. But have you ever come back from an amazing dive trip to find your photos are disappointingly green, out of focus with bad lighting? 

Join me on one of my underwater photography workshops down here in Cornwall and experience the very best of British Diving, There are two workshops to choose from: 

Underwater Photography  - Camera Basics 

The main aim of the day is to learn about the general basics of photography and then look at how they work in relation to the underwater world. 


The main subjects addressed in the workshop are: 


  • Basic laws of photography

    • Aperture

    • ISO

    • Shutterspeed

  • Lighting 

    • Underwater lighting 

    • Strobes

    • Ambient Lighting

    • Strobe Lighting

  • Composition 

    • Macro 

    • Wide Angle 

    • Framing 


It is an interactive workshop, the first half of the day will take place in the classroom where you are encouraged to bring along your own photographs and cameras. Then in the afternoon there will be a dive for you to practice all the new skills you have learned. 

Underwater Photography - Photoshop + Lightroom 

The Photoshop and Lightroom workshop is a follow on to the Camera Basics workshop, where we will look at editing your images to bring out the very best in them. 

The main subjects addressed in the workshop are: 


  • General Introduction 

  • Colour Correction 

  • Spot Healing 

  • Dodge and Burn 

  • Crop and Sizing


All subjects are looked at in both Photoshop and Lightroom, students are encouraged to bring along their laptops and some unedited pictures so that they can work along to the presentations and try different tecniques out as they go so that you can find the one best suited to you. 

Pricing + Availability

Workshops are usually ran on Saturdays and run all year round, although it is stressed that when booking a workshop in the winter it may not be possible to include a dive.

Both workshops are priced at £50 a head but deals can be arranged for groups larger than 4. 


- When requesting a workshop please include diver grade, desired date and group size