Temperate Vs Tropical

When I was in the Philippines I was diving with people from all over the world, the Philippines, America, Spain, Australia and even a few from Britain. Some questions I got over and over again (even from the Brits) was how to you dive in the UK? Isn't it freezing? Is there much life there? The life there can't be that interesting, can it?

A widespread misconception is that temperate marine species are smaller, duller and altogether less exciting than tropical fish.

are my number 1 favourite fish species in the UK, I even have a pet one called Howard at my favourite dive site. They are a beautiful, inquisitive and photogenic species so I can't explain how excited I was to find and photograph one in the Philippines. However, I was struck by how brown and 'boring' these tropical Triplespot Blennies where in comparison to our Tompot Blennies and I thought it was a perfect example of how wrong this misconception really is. Whilst temperate species may be less numerous and harder to find, once you find them they are just as beautiful if not sometimes more so than tropical species.

I'll let you guess which is which...

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