Under The Surface Of Sogod Bay

Most people know what a shark, a manta ray, a turtle and a dolphin look like, but do you know what a nudibranch is? have you ever got up close and personal to a feather star? Can you tell the difference between a scorpionfish and a lionfish? The world's oceans are a mystery to the majority of humanity and this portfolio aims to explore the smaller, unknown creatures in order to bring awareness to the beauty and wonder of the species living under the surface of Sogod Bay. The Coral Triangle is part of the Western Pacific between the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papa New Guinea. It gets its name from the 600 species of reef-building corals found within its boundaries. Sogod bay is in the northwest area of the Coral Triangle, on the Filipino island of Panoan. The biodiversity here leads to amazing reef structures that become perfect habitats for a large variety of tiny invertebrates and lesser known fish species.

As most of you know (how could you not seeing as I still haven't stopped talking about it) I spent the month of January in the Philippines working with Coral Cay Conservation. What you may not know is that I have spent the last 2 months since returning to the UK putting together a photographic portfolio of my favourite creatures and photographs as part of my final third-year assignment and today I got that much closer to finishing by sending that book off to print and publishing it online!

If you would like to preview said book it can be found here: https://www.bobbooks.co.uk/bookshop/photobook/under-the-surface-of-sogod-bay

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