The Bends ​- Trailer 

The Bends was another project brought to me my third year Students at Falmouth University. Simon Dawson and his crew pitched a horror movie, my job was to create the effects of someone drowning inside one of the water tanks at a factory, it was an intriguing project and very different to anything i had done before.


The Bends is a short film created by students of Falmouth University’s film school. The film is body-horror meets social realism, inspired by the works of Aronofsky, Lynch, Cronenberg and Noé among others.

The Bends focuses around a man in his mid-twenties, David, who lives at home with his father. His mother has recently left the family home leaving David and his father, also David, to fend for themselves. The father and son relationship is tense and often aggressive, this begins to impact David Jr., particularly when his father begins to intercept his relationship with his girlfriend Laura.

David Jr. is at work one day when a life-changing event occurs. After witnessing this cataclysmic incident the effects begin to physically manifest on David Jr. and the house begins to crumble around him.

The film was written and directed by Simon Dawson. The film crew helping him realise his dream are Lily Woodcock (producer), Teddy Freeman (cinematographer), Jack Scott (editor) and Jacob Timms (sound designer).


I was really lucky to be approached by a group of third year film students from Falmouth university and asked to help with the underwater shots for a documentary they where producing for their third year projects. I had so much fun working with Chris to get the shots they wanted whilst getting a fantastic dive in at the same time and they ended up getting a 1st for their project! 


'Martyn' a one off documentary following the journey of a man, as he attempts to learn more about his father was, a man whom was lost before his time. Now his son, Chris Chambers-Smith, talks to those who who his dad the best, to learn more about himself.

Plot Outline: 

On the 22nd of October 2016 Martyn Chambers-Smith, my father, sadly passed away after a short but strong battle with cancer. Me (Chris Chambers-Smith) and my father had a very strange relationship, we lived in the same house but we barely spoke, in turn I knew and still know, practically nothing about the life he lived before I was born. We never did the things a father and son should do, we never even had the symbolic ‘pint at the pub’ together. Therefore, almost exactly a year after his death, I feel the need to learn more about this side of my dad, as to better understand why we had the relationship we did and if we were similar people at all.

Using narration, archival footage and photographs, interviews, poetry and short cinematic sequences ‘Martyn’ will explore a father-son relationship that so many could connect to. It will construct an image of the man Martyn was, piece by piece, with each bit of additional information being learned reflected upon. This film will be relatable to audiences of any gender, race or age by the projection of the message “don’t wait until it’s too late.”